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30 October 2014
Something to do with tomatoes. In a test tube.The timing for my trip to Asia was dictated by a very kind invitation to the joint 50th birthday party of a client and his wife. There was a proviso: that I would introduce the wines on the evening in question. We planned to meet up earlier in the d…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
28 October 2014
The next evening found me making my way to a client's apartment in Shiu Fai Terrace to a) meet the latest addition to the family, a fine young lad named Dashiell and b) to drink some excellent champagne. The two things seem to go together somehow, a new-ish baby requiring significant toasting.The ch…
One can expect decent overhead conditions in Hong Kong at this time of year, but I was unprepared for such exceptional meteorological beneficence. Blue skies and clear air were the order of the day...or, rather, days, as such weather persisted throughout my stay.Much had been said about the protests…
129-131 Brackenbury Rd, London W6 0BQWine trade dinner in west London. It takes a bit of planning, which is why Director Ben got his skates on and organised things about a quarter of a year in advance. And still we had a couple of people crying off at the last minute. I mean, really. Does herding wi…
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