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16 November 2009
And another...Having arrived in glorious weather, hardly less himid than Singapore, but clear and sunny with it, the weather has turned in this Special Administrative Region. I wake this Monday morning to find it very Monday-ish i.e. grey, wet and looking not unlike the sort of Monday morning that'l…
The view from my hotel roomThe transition from one country to another creates a doorway that closes when one arrives in a new destination, thus Singapore already feels more than a couple of days away. Travelling on the MTR - Hong Kong's underground system - with its open carriages down which one has…
What with the rapid turn-around between our London tasting and my departure for Burgundy, I never got 'round to penning anything about the former, an event which had been causing some small trepidation in the weeks following its announcement due to the fact that we had not only managed to hit half h…
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