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17 November 2016
Meursault church across Puligny vines…plus a Matchbox stick-on van…A blog of my third day in Burgundy, delayed by a day as, after my last appointment last evening, I high-tailed it to Reims, thereby cutting my journey time to the Channel Tunnel by two-and-three-quarter hours.A day of m…
Today started with something of a bang...and I am not referring to the explosion of my malfunctioning peage dongle (see yesterday's blog). The blast to which I am referring relates to the interaction of the finest Côte de Nuits Pinot Noir with my morning-fresh taste buds: a volatile thing inde…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
14 November 2016
Above photo shows Mark Haisma in a rare state of relaxation in his newly built wineryThose thinking about holidaying in France at this time of year had better pick their spot with care; better yet, consider a stay in one of the lovelier parts of the what I was thinking as I drove south from…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
11 November 2016
Many years ago at a time when I hadn't been in the wine trade for very long, I was running a wine shop in South Kensington and if ever there was a better place for a wine shop, I'd like to know about it.The head of operations of a large US bank put in a regular appearance at the weekend (if in summe…
THE DEAL10% off any single case; 15% off 2 cases; 20% off 3 or more cases(For the purposes of this offer, a case is defined as 12x75cl, 2 cases 24x75cl etc.)On 13th November I'll be driving down to Burgundy for my annual few days of tasting the new vintage, in this year's case the 2015s, which are r…
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