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Oh dear. The view from the office again, this time with some cows. Click on the image for a bigger - and prettier - versionYou know how sometimes you just feel like a bit of a change? Well, I was roaming through our wine rack last evening. It's a double-depth structure that we had made to fit perfec…
The River Avon at Little DurnfordLast Friday was d-day or, rather, b-day: the date on which it was predicted by the midwife that Victoria would give birth. Tension is mounting, largely in V's waistline. I am told by all and sundry mothers that Victoria is extraordinarily compact and, indeed, we meet…
What looks like the Everglades is actually a watery corner of the gardens at StourheadReading the Home Page of our website, I am shocked at how long it has been since I updated the text. The item starts, "With summer finally poking its head out of the nesting box of weather that has been, to date, d…
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