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In the vineyards of Chateau Pichon BaronRadio silence yesterday, I am aware. My excuse, however, is a goodie. Read on to judge for yourself...Some days during these primeurs weeks are busier than others. For example, the Right Bank - to where I am to head tomorrow - is frantic. One has to attend the…
St Estephe from the driveway of Calon SegurIt's been an easy day of tasting is some senses, rather less clear cut in others. And the sun has been shining on the Medoc; glimpses of the Gironde afforded at Montrose and elsewhere have been of water sparkling under bright French sunshine.An easy flight …
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
18 March 2014
A lemon sourced from the orangery at Alfieri in Asti back in January. The utterly extraordinary Barbera from this estate will appear in a forthcoming offerCellaring wine; what's that about then? It's an activity in which collectors have engaged for centuries; so long, indeed, that most of us probabl…
Precipitous vineyards in Ribeira SacraI have just returned from a lightning-quick tour of Galicia. And what a fascinating part of the world it is. I had never before visited this bit of Spain: the uppermost corner of Iberia's Atlantic margin, separated from the rest of its motherland by mountains, i…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
04 February 2014
Morey-St-Denis vineyardsAfter a grim start to the day the evening sky is now clear above Beaune. Having paled to turquoise and darkened to a deeper blue, it is now peppered with salty stars and the moon, but a slip of rind two nights back, is now the full slice of nacred melon.Driving north on the p…
20 articles in Archive
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