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New Note on a Recent Daily Drinker Wine

Pulsatilla vulgaris Alba like a plate of eggs levitating above the lawn

We are, this evening, drinking a bottle of the Roussette de Savoie that was recently despatched as one half of the April Daily Drinker mailing and, boy, it's a goodie. I appear to have opened it at exactly the right level of chilledness. Who'd've thought that such an airy moutain white wine would best present itself at 17 degrees Centigrade? Fully chilled, this is a somewhat anodyne vin blanc. Allowed to warm to the right sort of state (or brought down to such) it sings like a lark that's been sucking strepsils:

A rich nose and a beautiful one: very mineral/chalky and full of slightly toasty/smoky aromas of ripe-but-crisp citrus fruit: lemon and lime, with a wisp of grapefruit. Palate is concentrated and saline from the minerals. Long and zippy/lemony. Lovely juicy grip at the back. Hint of pear. Very lively. Very long.

One could imagine that there are situations in which this is the perfect wine, the 100 pointer; 12 biscuits and a fox cub out of 42 (big score indeed!)

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