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This is the blog of Caspar Bowes of Bowes Wine Ltd. Caspar's blog features reports on new vintages and wines available to buy from Bowes Wine, buying trips abroad, trade tastings in London and his general musings on the world of wine. 

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Posted in by Caspar Bowes
14 September 2018
"Fine, adjective - Of very high quality; very good of its kind. Fine, adjective - Good; satisfactory. Wine - An alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice. That's cleared that up, then. Or has it?..."Read more of Caspar Bowes' latest wine column for, discussing…
A friend's Mayfair tasting is, quite simply, a "must attend" sort of event. In the course of a couple of hours one has the opportunity to taste an eye-opening collection of Spanish beauties, many from wineries of which one has never heard. At this year's event, these Sei Solo wines quite simply rock…
"...most wines produced today will give some level of pleasure. When attending tastings I wear my proverbial tee shirt bearing the logo "It's okay to like everything" i.e. I don't come looking for trouble..."Read Caspar's most recent wine column for…
We hope you've noticed our rather striking new logo. This is a herald of greater changes in the form of a stunning new website that will be live in the near future.Our intention is to combine a slick eCommerce site via which we will display all our wine offers, with my blog, as well as listings of a…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
15 August 2018
"Burgundy has long been regarded as not the sort of region one "visits" should bargain-hunting be on the agenda. In fact, many wine consumers have long since written it off as being out of the reach of their resources and have turned instead to the less glamourous regions of the world.But listen ver…
387 articles 
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