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This is the blog of Caspar Bowes of Bowes Wine Ltd. Caspar's blog features reports on new vintages and wines available to buy from Bowes Wine, buying trips abroad, trade tastings in London and his general musings on the world of wine. 

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We have been reasonably regular visitors to the range of wines produced by Champagne Aubry. Indeed, we have offered their wines twice in the past: one cuvée (the Le Nombre d'Or Campanae Veteres Vites) on two occasions and another (the Ivoire et Ebène) once.…
Read Caspar's latest wine column for - his musings on both etymology (including the myriad of synonyms for Tempranillo as pictured above) and entomology following his recent buying trip to Northern Spain.…
I was in Spain last week touring Castilla y Leon under cobalt skies that only served to accent the extraordinary gold of the sun-dried hills in the pared-down landscape through which we drove.I have penned a short report of the trip, which you can read here. And you can expect to see Bowes Wine offe…
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20 September 2018
The view from AaltoI recently visited northern Spain with a UK wine importer: a Serb of Bosnian extraction and a lively travelling companion. He's also a man who knows a great deal about the wines of the region we toured, having worked there and having imported a great many of the place's best wines…
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14 September 2018
"Fine, adjective - Of very high quality; very good of its kind. Fine, adjective - Good; satisfactory. Wine - An alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice. That's cleared that up, then. Or has it?..."Read more of Caspar Bowes' latest wine column for, discussing…
391 articles 
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