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I have been eating exceptionally well in Hong Kong. Access to the Hong Kong Club is access to excellent F&B of high quality and I have visited a number of times, not least of which was a dinner in the Jackson Room the other evening that was very jolly.It seems ages ago - but in reality is but a …
Not been out and about with my camera, so all I can offer is another - rather dour - view from my hotel window.People have been telling me for some time what a good option New Zealand Air is to Hong Kong, so this time I took the plunge and booked my flight with them. They turned out to be cheaper th…
Pulsatilla vulgaris Alba like a plate of eggs levitating above the lawnWe are, this evening, drinking a bottle of the Roussette de Savoie that was recently despatched as one half of the April Daily Drinker mailing and, boy, it's a goodie. I appear to have opened it at exactly the right level of chil…
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