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2020 Pignoletto Frizzante Colli d'Imola, Romandiola

2020 Pignoletto Frizzante Colli d'Imola, Romandiola

Ref: ROMA200
White  |  Sparkling  |  11.5% ABV

Wine Variety: (Yet) another variety to set one's head spinning. Pignoletto appears to be a native of the hills around the Emilia-Romagna city of Bologna in central Italy. However, it is also grown in Umbria, where it is known as Grechetto di Todi. Wines made here are often simply labelled Grechetto...despite the fact that this grape is genetically distinct from Grechetto di Orvieto (although they seem to be closely related). I hope this is clear. What is not clear at all is whether the Grechetto authorised in a number of DOCs in Umbria, Lazio and the Marche is this grape or Grechetto di Orvieto. More research required, me'thinks.

Wine Region: Emilia Romagna (Emilia being the hinterland, Romagna the coastal Adriatic belt) is a huge region in central Italy. The Emilian plain is the (in?)famous home of Lambrusco, that high-acid sparkling, austere red wine eminently suitable for partnering with the fatty dishes of the region. Romagna is where Sangiovese holds sway and may even be the site of the grape's origins. Above all, Emilia Romagna is a source of vast quantities of wine, little of which makes DOC level. There are however surprises to be found here. Trust us!

Wine Producer: Cantina Forli is part of the Cevico Group, a consortium of co-operatives, which quite rightly describes itself as "an emerging force". Founded in 1963, the Cevico Group has been active in wine-growing for over 60 years; it encompasses 15 wineries, 4,500 wine growers and some 6,700Ha of production!

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Wine Details
Wine Details
ProducerProducer: Romandiola
AppellationAppellation: DOC Colli d'Imola
Old or New WorldOld/New World: Old World
CountryCountry: Italy
ColourColour: White
StyleStyle: Sparkling
ABV% ABV: 11.5%
Drink DatesDrink Dates: 2022
MaturityMaturity: Daily Drinker
SweetnessSweetness: 1
Grape VarietyGrape Variety: Pignoletto
Tasting Notes
Tasting Notes

This is is a pretty thing in the glass, pushing out a scattering of bubbles. The nose brings to mind all kinds of summery scents: ripe citrus and orchard fruit in profusion. Taking a sip, the palate kicks off with a puff of mousse, all very soft and 'come hither'. And the mousse is integrated with the delicious tangerine and apple fruit through which winds fresh and slightly saline acidity. This is a fine thing: a lightish wine of real appeal. And at 11.5% abv one could drink rather a lot of it...  

#3wordtastingnote: bubbly, citrus, light

Sweetness Explained
Sweetness Explained


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Location Explained
Location Explained


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Pricing Information
Pricing Information


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